Stranded - an anime in written form

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Stranded - an anime in written form

Post by eggman199 on Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:25 pm

Hey all, Elias here. I'm trying to write this series thing about a guy who is not where he was before. I've shared it, but I'm also posting it here for posterity and archives. Imagine it as an anime, in writing form.

Here's the concept episode, or "pilot".
Pilot - Bliss:
Sami regained consciousness to the ripple of something in the distance. As his eyes adjusted to the unfamiliarly bright light, he noticed dandelion puffs gliding through the air. Getting to his feet, he cautiously looked over this new land that seemed straight out of a Galaxy Tour photo album. Immediately, he noted that the area was sizably different from what he called ‘home’. “Where is this..?” Sami muttered to himself. A second observation - the air here was breathable, although uncomfortable. Sami decided that for now, he would stick to the only 100% secure log he knew of: his mind. Stupid. Why didn’t you use the atmospheric regulator first? he thought, as he reached for his toolbelt. He found a very good reason why not to employ the respiration-aide, however, as his hands came up empty. Seemed his belongings had been lost before… before… before what? He couldn’t quite place a digit on what, exactly, before WAS. But there was no time to lose, he decided. Time to hunker down and look at this Here.
Check the sky. Cobalt. Specks of white? No drones. Alright. Where is the light source?
Check the ground. Unfamiliar organisms all around. Seem to be growing. Similar shade. Analyze further later.
Check the horizon. No other sentient organisms. Uneven inclinations. Natural?
Ship: missing. Quel suprise. Better look for it, no?

Since the first observation he had made was of an auditory nature, he decided to investigate it first. Sami treaded towards the teasing trickles with every pace placed carefully - as if the terrain, with one bad pace, would combust underneath him. It seemed the further he went from his landing point, the more homogenous the landscape got. Weird.

After walking for what seemed like a few kilometers, Sami finally found the auditory nuisance. A small stream of water was flowing through what seemed to be a recently-created trench.
Unnatural. How did this..
The troubling thing was, there was no break in the green anywhere. Everywhere Sami looked, it was the same blue sky, same white clouds. So, where was this fluid coming from?
It was at this point that Sami, on a mechanic’s instinct, reached for his wand, and to his surprise found it right in its pocket. Though his toolbelt had gone, it looked like he still had some sleeves for tricks. He cast out the metal dowel, intending to get a location on this liquid.
The wand projected a diagram with a soft green glow, displaying arrows that pointed straight to the right. It seemed illogical, but it’s not like Sami had any other leads at the moment. He noted this, then pointed it at the ground. Just in case. Being not exploded is a little bit better than being exploded, don’tcha think?
The wand showed an image on its tip of a yellow circle, giving a thumbs-up with an eerily realistic mouth.
With a quick “harumph”, Sami set out in a march to his direct left.


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